The Challenge

For many years, Milwaukee Electric Tool has relied on Brooks Stevens to be their primary design counsel. In doing so, we have participated in the development of numerous successful power tools. From hammer drills to cordless drills, from circular and compound miter saws to routers and battery chargers, we oversaw the development of strong designs connected by a strong brand language. One of our favorite collaborations with Milwaukee Electric Tool was the job-site radio born from understanding the end-user and his environment. During the research phase of other projects, it became apparent that “normal” household radios could not stand up to a construction site.

The Solution

Brooks Stevens designed a new job-site radio that was able to withstand those harsh punishments the job-site dishes out. Even after an eight foot drop, the radio can still deliver music that keeps its users whistling while they work. The product features a crystal clear sound system, a 12-volt power port and a detachable storage pocket. 
It took only a few days after its launch for the Milwaukee Electric job-site radio to exceed sales expectations. In its first year, sales exceeded forecasts by 400%


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